Vehicle Telematics For The UK Aftermarket

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November 3, 2014
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November 4, 2014

Vehicle Telematics For The UK Aftermarket

What are Vehicle Telematics?

ремонт фекального насоса своими руками Vehicle Telematics are the introduction of wireless technology  set to hit Europe in 2015. Put simply; Telematics are systems which allow Wireless communication with a vehicle. They allow a car to communicate; not only with safety systems and emergency services, but a wider range of media and entertainment services too.

Telematics technologies allow the vehicle to be permanently accessed and monitored ‘online’ when it is on the road, and provide related data for a wide range of services such as diagnostics, servicing and updated vehicle and software settings.

What do Telematics functions provide? как разделить диски window 8 • eCall (emergency call)
• bCall (roadside assistance)
• Road congestion avoidance
• Email, web, networking and entertainment
• Remote vehicle diagnostics
• Vehicle servicing scheduling
• Fleet Management
• Parking locations
• Booking services

вывести таблицу значений (source FIGIEFA) Sounds exciting? It is, very. That’s some life-saving technology potentially being fitted to most passenger vehicles by next year.

What does it mean for the EU Aftermarket? It seems that the future of the ‘connected car’ is bringing with it a somewhat ‘monopolistic’ situation developing as a result of the EU Legislations set for 2015.

эйвон одесса каталог As it stands, this information is only available to the Manufacturers, giving consumers лекарства вызывающие аллергию little, if any freedom of choice for the systems covered by telematics and or the servicing, equipment and repairs associated with it. It gives the Manufacturers an unfair advantage over the Independant Aftermarket.

путина людмила александровна где сейчас 2017 л According to FIGIEFA: “As of 2015, the European Commission and the European Parliament plan the mandatory introduction of eCall, the European 112-based emergency call system, in all new models of cars and light vehicles, in order to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries on the road.” образования на коже рук However, currently this as this new system is only accessible by vehicle manufacturers, they will be the only ones able to offer additional services to consumers.

But what about the UK Aftermarket sector? блюда со слоеного теста с фото telematics-2FIGIEFA and the IAAF have published statements and are currently lobbying for a standardised approach to the introduction of Telematics.

скачать осень в нью йорке фильм 2000 This would ensure true, open choices for motoring consumers and fair competition for all market operators throughout Europe.

проблема индивидуального подхода The IAAF are also campaigning for a more standardised introduction of eCall calling for a fairer model. днс ростов на дону каталог телефонов IAAF has used eCall as an example, saying “it will revolutionise the way vehicles are serviced and repaired, by enabling vehicle manufacturers to get real-time information about vehicles’ health status.” 57 IAAF say they are “leading the UK aftermarket’s fight on vehicle telematics calling for an interoperable, standardized, secure and open access platform to ensure the aftermarket is not discriminated against.”

производственный календарь образец Under current plans, only the Manufacturers have access to the remote data technology, meaning the independant aftermarket will be unable to offer related services.

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You can find out more about the FIGIEFA campaign here

You can read more about telematics on the IAAF website here


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  1. tim kelly says:

    The first part of this wave I actually ecall, based on old technology,and it is already out of date.Basically it rings the emergency services in the event of an accident with your location.The secondary part is much more complex..and requires legislation to change.
    But, and it is a big but..integrated technology through phones, obd and app based monitoring to all,and the manufacturers are fully aware of the potential growth,and then it is all about the licensing.
    What you do not have is a standard platform, until that happens, not an aweful lot…

  2. EXACTLY Tim. Can’t believe this one got through despite block exemption ruling and such.
    Good old EU legislation…

    Hats of to the trade associations representing the trade by calling for ‘a standard platform’ with which we can all move forward and grow with.

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