1What is iMotorPro Trade Club and Automotive Forum?
iMotorPro is a Trade Club for businesses and individuals working within the UK Motor Trade Our forums offer PRIVATE discussion, trade networking, community support and advice for any sector of the UK Automotive Industry. The forums are built by Caroline Baxter, Independent garage owner with nearly 20yrs of automotive and business experience. Our forums are COMPLETELY Independent and are not tied to any particular automotive product, company or brand, so you are free to ask and discuss what you want, when you want. The forums are TRADE ONLY so you can ensure your discussions and questions will be targeted to like-minded individuals. We have a NO SPAM policy, and we monitor our forums DAILY to ensure a safe and hassle free for our members. Join Now
2Why do you charge for the forum?
We charge a small annual fee for iMotorPro Automotive Forums to ensure that it remains a safe, private area for members of the UK Motor Industry to be. We won't have ads on every page interrupting your service, neither will we bombard to you with advertising media or spam. We block search engines and guests from the interior discussions of the forum to keep it private, trade only and safe Our small annual charge helps us deliver the best possible user experience to you as a member. Join Now
3Why should I join?
There are plenty of 'niched' forums available which focus around a particluar area of the Motor Industry. We know working in the trade is never that simple. By encouraging members from the whole of the industry, we give you access to better opportunities for networking, new partnerships and discussions. Join Now
4How do I cancel Payment?
We charge your membership fee every 12 months. You may cancel your recurring subscription payment AT ANY TIME during your 12 months membership by emailing: support@imotorpro.co.uk by writing to us iMotorPro, Beeches, Grove Road, Worthing, BN14 9DQ. We will then cancel your recurring subscription, you will not be charged to renew membership and your login and membership of the site will expire. Join Now
5Why should Companies Join?
Interacting with the trade community can be a very powerful marketing tool. Your existing customers can be a great showcase for your products or services, and new leads can be generated via social proof within the automotive community. Placing exclusive deals, product or technical information in the forum helps members understand your company better and will help your products and services become part of their day to day work flow. Our forums are COMPLETELY Independent and are not tied to any particular automotive product, company or brand, and we offer an equal opportunity to any automotive company who wishes to join the forum and network or promote.
6Where are your terms and conditions?
All our terms and conditions can be found within the links from the footer of every page on the website. Join Now

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